3000 member giveaway – winners have been drawn!

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Hello my dear friends!

THANKS for participating in my latest giveaway!

the community is growing with your help – the more we are, the better deals we get!

share my posts to your friends, invite them to my blog and facebook group and show them my youtube page 😉

here is the drawing

i found 182 lines in my answersheet – after deleting all double/multiple entries (except the latest one) and few placed after the finish line there are 146 answers left.

this are the flashlights shown:

brand model rated Lumen
acebeam K40M 3000
acebeam K60 5000
acebeam K70 2600
acebeam L10 120
acebeam L16 2000
acebeam X45 16500
acebeam X60M 10000
Astrolux A01 102
Astrolux E02 900
Astrolux M01 copper 100
Astrolux M01 SS 100
Astrolux M01 SS color 100
Astrolux MH10 1000
Astrolux S41 1600
Astrolux S41S color 1600
Astrolux S42 2023
BLF A6 1600
BLF A6 1600
BLF A6 3000
Blitzwolf BW-ET1 750
Convoy S2+ red 996
DQG 3rd Tiny 2500
Eagle Eye X7 1100
Emisar D1 1300
Emisar D4 green 4300
Emisar D4 Ti 3000
Fenix FD41 900
Fenix PD35 TAC 1000
Fitorch P30R 1180
Galaxia JM70 1200
Imalent DM21 1000
Imalent EU06 UV 1190
Imalent RT35 2350
Imalent RT70 5500
Jetbeam Jet 1 MK 480
Jetbeam Jet II Pro 510
Jetbeam Jet-” 135
Lumintop Ant 120
Lumintop BLF GT 2200
Lumintop BLF SD10 800
Lumintop EDC21 900
Lumintop Elfin 520
Lumintop Mini GT 1250
Lumintop ODF30 3500
Lumintop SD75 4000
Lumintop SD75 4000
Lumintop SS35-1 400
Lumintop Tool AA 550
Lumintop Tool AAA black 110
Lumintop Tool AAA copper 110
Lumintop Tool AA red 550
Lumintop Tool AAA Ti gold 80
Lumintop Torpedo 007 520
Lumintop Worm 4.0 blue 110
Lumintop Worm copper 80
Lumintop Worm SS 110
Lumintop WormVN copper 850
Lumintop GT Mini cw 1200
Manker Boney 18
Manker Godmes 3000
Manker MK39 6000
Manker Rambler 960
Manker T01 900
Manker U11 1050
Nextorch TA10 560
nicron B74 480
NightWatch Superbia NS02 1200
Nitecore EC11 900
Nitecore EC4 1000
Nitecore EC4GT blue 1000
nitecore MT10A 920
Nitecore MT22A 260
Nitecore R40 1000
nitecore TIP gold 360
Nitecore TM06 3800
Nitecore TM16 GT 3600
Nitecore TM26 GT 3500
Niwalker Vostro BK-FA09S 2400
noctigon M43 7000
noname CPFItalia 1300
Olight i7R 120
Olight R20 Javelot 900
Olight R20 Seeker 600
Olight S1 600
Olight S1 Titan raw 600
Olight S10R 600
Olight X7 9000
Rofis R1 900
Rofis MR70 3500
Shadow JM30 1000
SkyRay 3xT6 1000
SolarStorm T3 2700
Spark SF6 880
Sunwayman F40A 880
supbeam X60 6500
Thorfire BLF Q8 5000
Thorfire C8S 900
thorfire PF03 110
Thorfire S50 2000
Thorfire S70 3000
Thorfire VG10 847
Thorfire VG25 1020
thrunite Archer 1A V2 175
thrunite Archer 1A V2 180
Thrunite T20S 255
thrunite TN36-UT 7300
UltraTAC K18 360
UniqueFire UF-1405 1200
UniqueFire UF-T8 1000
UTorch S1 Mini 1000
UTorch S1 Mini 1000
UTorch UT02 1300
UTorch UT03 prototype 10000
Warsun X65 1000
Wuben T102 3200
Wuben TO46R 1300
Wuben A21 4200
XinTD X3 960
Helius Omega VI 1500

this is the list with all the valid guesses, and the top25 ranks (for same number the earlier placed tip got the higher rank)

i randomized the order of the prizes:

  1. hkequipment.net: one MecArmy GP1 Titanium finger spinner
  2. Imalent Flashlights: one HR70
  3. bargainersworldwide.com: one WubenE01 + knife + clasp
  4. hkequipment.net: one MecArmy GP1 Titanium finger spinner
  5. bargainersworldwide.com: one WubenE01 + knife + clasp
  6. gearbest.com: one item (from LED Lights & Flashlights) worth 60 USD
  7. Imalent Flashlights: one BG10
  8. m4dm4x.com: one or two orders on Neals Deals worth 75 USD in total (you can split to make a friend happy)
  9. banggood.com: one item (from flashlights, batteries and lasers) worth 80 USD

thanks a lot to the donators!

I will email the winners – if a prize is not claimed until Sept 15th it goes to the next empty spot in the winners ranking list (then its gone)

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Congratulations to the winners 😉
By the way, I couldn’t recognize the fatty one (26650?) with 12 leds around the bezel, between the dqg 26650 and the Kronos X6 SS… what is that?

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