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banggoods new Monster can be ordered from today on:

Astrolux MF01
18x XP-G3/Nichia 219C 12000LM

Super Bright LED Flashlight 18650

US$ 72.95   US$109.95

Astrolux MF01 18x XP-G3/Nichia 219C 12000LM Super Bright LED Flashlight 18650

read Lexels review of the Prototype HERE

·Utilizes 18 x XP-G3/Nichia 219C LEDs, max output up to 12000 lumens
·Powered by 2x/4×18650 batteries.
·Max runtime up to 500 hours
·Max throw up to 450 metres
·One single switch provides access to all functions
·5 brightness levels and 3 special functions available
.Normal Mode,click twice to enter turbo mode,or click three times to enter tactical strobe.
.High Effciency constant current circuit
.Direct thermal path(DTP) copper board
.Intelligent temperature control,over 60 degrees will reduce the power
.Breathing light and lockout design
.Breathing light displays battery voltage
.Integration and high efficiency optical lens
·Made from aerospace grade aluminium alloy
·HAIII hard anodising
·Waterproof in accordance with IPX7
·Tail stand

Note:Do not reverse setting the battery to protect the flashlight.

Package included:
1 x Astrolux MF-01 18x XP-G3/Nichia 219C 12000LM LED Flashlight
1 x Tripod Mount Screw
1 x O-rings
1 x Lanyard
1 x Manual

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