Astrolux MF03 – LED updated

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Hello my dear friends!

today i can tease you “a bit“ 😉

this is the new design we are working on, but specs will follow as the prototype can proove them


i was allowed to add another detail:

LED configuration:

7 pcs Cree xhp70.2


one Cree xhp35 hi

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its is still in development

its done when its done 😉

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– Please kept me informed about this MF03 (7*XHP-70.2 + 1* XHP-35 Hi).
– This is the best idea, combining flood with throw.
– Any chances to make the head diameter bigger, say, 120mm (reflector 110mm), like BLF GT, better then Thrunite TN-40 and 42, better then Acebeam X65 ?
– What is the reflector diameter of the XHP-35 Hi, and each of the XHP-70.2 ?
– How long can the light stay in The TURBO mode ? Only few minutes like others, or any breaktrhough in the heat dissipation tech that it can stay in turbo mode for at least, 40 minutes or so ? Can the HIGH mode be 70% from the TURBO mode ? Can the step be 100% (40 minutes), 70% (100 minutes), 50%, etc ? (Olight X9 never exist, using small fan alone might not be a good idea, but a combination of water-cooled pipe and small side fan like Acer laptop might be a breakthrough).
– Hopefully it can make over 27000 lm and over 1700m throw.
– Can the flashlight be flexible, giving choices to users of using 8 x 18650 or 12 x 18650?

Many thanks,
Peter Huang Wijono
(Sorry if this msg appears repeatedly)

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What are the dimensions?

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Yummi !

Wow, what a huge size !!
Looks interesting…


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