Astrolux S42 USB-port cap

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Hey my friends!

Astrolux told me they noticed that some customers did not like the rubber covers.

so they came up with a version that sits tighter in its place:

The new design will be mounted on the next batch of lights.

AND it can be ordered for free if you bought an Astrolux S42 already
(procedure to be announced when stock arrived)

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No, I still wait for announcement (as you wrote above – procedure to be announced when stock arrived).
So I will send an e-mail to customer service. Thanks for info.

have you contacted them already?
got answer? (took 2 days for me)

Hello, you wrote (here: that they are selling S42 with new USB cover now. So when they will be ready to send the new cover to us who bought the S42 already?

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