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Hello my dear friends

i found some nice deals…
do not forget to test if you can use your points to lower the price ­čśë

Flash Deals(7th~21st)
Item Price
Major Page
Xiaomi 11 Flashlight $21.95
XANES Mini Charger $4.99
BLF A6 EDC LED Flashlight $18.95
Astrolux Flashlight Holster $1.33
Astrolux MF02 $84.95
Astrolux A01 $7.99
XANES WT518 $3.99
XANES 1301 $5.69
Convoy L6 $51.95~$55.95
HaikeLite MT03 II $91
BAOFENG T1 $5.99
Burning Laser 301 $8.69
Convoy C8 $15.99~$18.99
Astrolux C8 $19.95
BlitzWolf® BW-ET1 $22.95
Astrolux S42 $24.95
Astrolux S41 $22.95
Wuben T046R $29.95
BLF Q8 $49.95

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