BLF GT – last call!

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Hello my dear friends!

Lumintop will soon close the deal!
orders can be placed THIS WEEKEND – shipping should start mid next week

if you want one or more you can jump on my list:

i also aded a 8pcs set of Samsung 35E cells (button tops aded by keepower!) for ONLY $40.50

just add it to the basket if you like them 😉

also the manual is available now!

if you do not know whats that Monster is capable of, wach the video below.
but keep in mind thats the V1 prototype and some advantages have been implemented to the sales version!

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Hallo Martin,
ich würde gerne zur Lampe BLF GT auch noch einen 8pcs Satz von Samsung 35E Zellen (Button Spitzen aded von Keepower!) für nur $ 40.50 dazu erwerben.
Vielen Dank
Viele Grüße Harald

just add the cells to the basket

Hi Martin, how do i purchase the 35E alongisde with the GT?

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