some deals are back…

veröffentlicht am 4. January 2017 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

deals are available via mail only   ThorFire PF03 XP-G2 110Lumens LED Mini Pocket Penlight Flashlight AAA   DQG Hobi Titanium 10180 XP-G2 R5 CW   Klarus Mi7 Ti XP-L HI V3 700LM AA EDC LED Flashlight   Lumintop SD4A XM-L2(U2) And XP-L HI 1000LM 14500 LED Flashlight          

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reactivated deals…

veröffentlicht am 3. January 2017 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

Happy new year my friends! The deals expired during newyears evening 🙁 But some are back online: manufacturer model = my Link olight S2R Black Water Fluorite star Liiitokala Lii500 skilhunt H03 Lumintop SD26 palights MS600 rofis TR20 Thorfire S70 imalent DN35 lumintop ED25 uni-T UT210E BLF X6 / X6 bistro driver Lumintop TD15S Lumintop […]

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new deals

veröffentlicht am 29. December 2016 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

29.12.2016 FL skilhunt H03 mail only 29.12.2016 FL Liiitokala Lii500 e1def3 21.99 29.12.2016 FL Thorfire S70 mail only 29.12.2016 FL palights MS600 mail only 29.12.2016 FL rofis TR20 mail only 29.12.2016 misc Black Water Fluorite star mail only 29.12.2016 FL Lumintop SD26 mail only SKILHUNT H03 XM-L2 1200LM TIR lens EDC LED Flashlight Headlamp   […]

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Flaslights & Laser CLEARANCE -35%

veröffentlicht am 27. December 2016 in cells, chargers, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

  i will check for the M4Ddeals asap Astrolux Astrolux S1 XPL 1600LM 7/4modes LED Flashlight 18650/18350 US$19.47 BLF A6 XPL 1600LM 7/4modes Non-anodized EDC LED Flashlight 18650 US$17.52 Astrolux SS Stainless Steel XPL-HI 1400lumens LED Flashlight 18650 US$39.96 using code ef5700 Astrolux SC Copper XPL-HI 1400lumens LED Flashlight 14500 US$36.76 using code ef5700 Astrolux S2 XPL-HI 1400LM […]

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Lumintop TD15S only $27.88

veröffentlicht am 22. December 2016 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

Hey! the Lumintop TD15S is not the newest light, but i got a nice deal offered from Swi @banggood: the TD15S include clip + molly bag + 2 o ring + strap   for USD 27.88 Code is given via mail Features: 1) Utilizes a XM-L2(U2) LED with 50,000-hour lifetime 2) High-efficiency digitally regulated circuit to maintain a constant brightness […]

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End of 2016 giveaway

veröffentlicht am 17. December 2016 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

My dear Friends! THANK YOU for all your support! i hope i was able to save you some money with my deals this year! and with your help i can bring you more deals 2017! i give away 2 of the lights shown below to participate just leave ONE comment before 31st December 2016 😉 […]

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more deals!

veröffentlicht am 16. December 2016 in cells, chargers, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

i added “some” deals the last days 😉 please send ma a mail if you are interested in one: m4dm4x @ aon . at manufacturer model = my Link for you! Rofis TR10 imalent DN70 imalent DT70 imalent DT35 nitenumen TA01 nitenumen X8 Rofis KR20 CooYoo Ballistic nextorch Saint Torch nitecore tube RL nitecore nylon […]

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Klarus sale

veröffentlicht am 10. December 2016 in Allgemein, cells, chargers, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

Hi! Klarus has a 20% OFF sale until  Dec, 31st i found out, that if you use the Code KL2016 on the products in this collection @ banggood you get 25% on some prices below are after the Code but pay attention – on some items i already have a M4D deal     Klarus XT12GT XHP35 HI D4 1600LM […]

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Fenix HL15

veröffentlicht am 9. December 2016 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

Fenix HL15 XP-G2 R5 x Nichia 200LM Outdoor LED Head Light Flahlight AAA Price: $19.95     Coupon code:  FXHL15 Features: ·Utilizes XP-G2 R5 neutral white LED and Nichia red LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours ·Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness ·60-degree tilt mechanism adjusts the beam when needed ·Two independent switches, can […]

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JETBeam K0-01

veröffentlicht am 7. December 2016 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

JETBeam K0-01 Cree XPL 1080 lumens USB Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight deal via mail Features: 1. Built by the aircraft aluminium alloy, strong structure but light weight, military hard III anodise surface process; 2.  XP-L led, max 1080 lumen output; 3. Latest high performance optical system, max beam distance up to 174 meters; 4. Built-in advanced efficient power management circuit, max runtime to 250 hours; 5. New circuit design providing double intelligent protections for LED and battery to maximize their lifespan and ensure safe use; 6. Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass; 7. IPX-6 waterproof; 8. Impact-resistant accords with US MIL-STD-810F ( 1.5 meters). Package included: 1 x JETBeam K0-01 XPL EDC LED Flashlight 1 x O-rings 1 x USB charging cable  

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DQG Tiny 26650 3th

veröffentlicht am 7. December 2016 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

DQG Tiny 26650 3th 7x XP-G2 2500LM 4modes EDC LED Flashlight available in CW and NW, either black or grey please mail me for the deal Features: • Utilizes 7x XP-G2 LED • Driven by a unprotected 26650 to emit up to 2500lumens brightness • Four easily accessible brightness levels and memory function for fast […]

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