Double 11 DEALS – some with FREE gifts!

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Hello my dear friends!

Double 11 is here! and in this post i try to show you some of the nice deals i found. Please note the FREE gifts and most deals expire on 2019-11-13!
(my links take you to the shop for detailed information)

PLEASE inform me if you find other nice items so we can share it with the community!

Also test the codes “M4XBG” (32% OFF) and “BGF1111” (32% OFF) if they work 😉

Do not forget to check out those collections!

Sofirn BLF LT1
8x LH351D Super Bright 2700K to 5000K Camping Light

my CODE: BGBLBL YOUR price: $ 59.49
+FREE Astrolux A01 Nichia 219b

Sofirn New IF2
4LED 2700K to 6500K TINTSHIFT 2500lm
Powerful Rechargeable LED flashlight

my CODE: BGIF2 YOUR price: $ 28.99

Sofirn SP33V3.0
XHP50.2 3500lm Type-C Rechargeable Powerful LED Flashlight

my CODE: BGSP33 YOUR price: $ 27.99

Wurkkos WK30
USB Rechargeable White/Red/UV Hunting Flashlight IPX8 18650 21700 26650

my CODE: M4266 YOUR price: $ 27.99
+ 5 Pcs USB Mini Night Light for FREE

3x XPL HI/SST20 2800LM High Intensity EDC Flashlight (FW3A 21700 Version )

my CODE: M4496 YOUR price: $ 39.99
+ FREE Lumintop EDC01

Lumintop FW1A
XPL/SST20 1200lm Anduril Flashlight 18650

my CODE: M2636 YOUR price: $ 31.99
+ FREE Lumintop EDC01

Astrolux MF01 Mini
7* SST20 5500LM CRI95 Type-C Rechargeable Campact EDC Flashlight 26650 21700 18650

my CODE: M1913 YOUR price: $ 44.99
+ FREE Astrolux A01 Nichia 219b

Astrolux MF01S
18x SST20 15000LM 616M Anduril UI 18650 Flashlight High CRI Super Bright Flashlight

my CODE: MMF01S YOUR price: $ 82.99

Astrolux MF01
18x XP-G3/Nichia 219C 12000LM Super Bright Searching-Level LED Flashlight 18650

my CODE: BGXFK YOUR price: $ 73.99
+ 5 Pcs USB Mini Night Light for FREE

Astrolux MF02
XHP35 HI 3000LM NW Long-range Searching LED Flashlight 1587M

my CODE: BGMF02NW YOUR price: $ 74.99
+ FREE Xanes D02

Astrolux MF04
XHP35-HI CW 2700LM 7Modes Dimming High Bright Long-range Searching LED Flashlight

my CODE: BGMF04CW YOUR price: $ 149.99

Astrolux FT02
XHP35-HI 2200LM Stepless Dimming USB Rechargeable High Lumen Flashlight

my CODE: MFT03 YOUR price: $ 48.99

Astrolux FT01
XHP50.2 2215LM 309m 8Modes USB Rechargeable Military Army Tactical 21700 18650 LED Flashlight

my CODE: BGFT01 YOUR price: $ 49.99
+ FREE Astrolux A01 Nichia 219b

Haikelite HT70
17000lm SST70 5000k 6500k Light Mode Set Dimming Super Power Flashlight 18650

my CODE: MHT7022 YOUR price: $ 130.99
+ FREE Folomov 18650S

Nightwatch NS22 2019
SST40/SST20/MTG2 5Modes 2900LM 21700 cell

my CODE: MNS22SS YOUR price: $ 17.99

Nightwatch NSX3 NS23/NS43
3xSST20/ SST40 5Modes 5900 Lumens 21700 Flashlight

my CODE: MNSX31 YOUR price: $ 24.99
+ FREE Klarus K1 USB charger

Gray Convoy S2+
SST40 1800lm 5000K 6500K Temperature Protection Management 18650

my CODE: BGF1111 YOUR price: $ 12.53 (maybe use app)

Convoy S2+
7135*8 Driver L2 U2 T6 1100LM 3/5Modes Super Bright EDC Floodlight Flashlight 

my CODE: BG7S2M YOUR price: $ 9.80 (maybe use app)

Convoy M3
XHP70.2 4300LM High Lumen Flashlight Built-in Temperature Protection Powerful Flashlight Mini Torch LED Torch

my CODE: BGKM3 YOUR price: $ 31.99 (maybe use app)

Convoy S2+
LED Tactical Flashlight – XM-L2 940Lm 7135 x 6 2 Mode Groups

on PROMO! YOUR price: $ 9.99

Convoy S2+ Black
L2 7135×8 3/5mode EDC LED Flashlight 18650

on PROMO! YOUR price: $ 9.99

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