Astrolux S43 4x XP-G3 / Nichia 219c only 28usd

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Hello my dear friends!

Here is the newest Astrolux groupbuy for you:

Astrolux S43

4x XP-G3 / Nichia 219C Stepless Dimming 18350 / 18650 EDC Flashlight




  • powered by NarsilM by TA
  • Ultilizes 4xNichia 219C / XP-G3 LED.
  • Max output of up to 2100 lumens.
  • Boasts a peak beam intensity of 8500 cd and a throw distance of up to 184 meters
  • High efficiency constant current circuit
  • Intelligent charging module with a micro USB port charges Li-ion battery rapidly
  • Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish.
  • Over-discharging and overcharge voltage,with charging indicator light to show the battery power.
  • Ultilizes toughtened ultra-clear mineral glass with with anti-reflective coating,TIR lens.
  • With hidden battery check function, and breathing light displays battery voltage
  • Comes with a survival hammer great for outdoor survival and tactical.
  • Waterproof in accordance to IPX6
  • Inpact resistant to 1.5meters.

Tail stand capability.

Lock/Unlocked Function:
With the breathing light on the button is unlocked.Click the button at least 1.5seconds when flashlight is off,then the breathing light will turn off and the switch is locked.To activate the breathing light,click the button 1.5seconds again.

Package included:
1 x Astrolux S43 4x XP-G3 or Nichia 219C LED Flashlight (With 18650 body tube)
1 x Spare DIY 18350 body tube
1 x Spare O-ring
1 x Survival hammer
1 x Lanyard
1 x Clip
1 x English manual


more pictures: (links in the picture take you to the sellers shop)

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