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Received mine in black today, seems very good quality and functionality and is bright but sure does not seem 700 lm. I realize the diminishing returns where a 1000 lm light doesn’t look twice as bright as a 500 lm and that the small diameter and size of the reflector impact beam size and throw while the coolish tint will tend to maximize the brightness to the eye. In comparison to my other 14500 capable lights the Mi7 is brighter than the Olight S15R and Thorfire TG06 but seems not quite equal to my NW Thrunite Archer 1A V2.

Light is certainly bright enough for EDC and is a great package in terms of size and function. Maybe it is 700 lumens but certainly not what most buyers were expecting

Anybody got their Mi7 yet?

Ordered a black one. Like others, I can’t wait to try this one. Thanks!

Just ordered with your afflink 😀 Thank you for the deal !

Put my orders in Martin. Thanks for the GB.

[…] info in the OP😉 […]

Ordered 1 black. Thanks!

Got a black one on order. Can’t wait!

List is closed atm – on Wednedday i open for new entries, so members already on the list get their lights 😉

Hello! Wrathbringer27 here blf user. 1 black pls 🙂

Updated the shoplink

the End is near 😉


One blue for me.


Hi Martin, Threadneedle again. Put me in for a blue one also. Thanks.


1 blue
1 red
1 black


Bungle88 black

# 109

One black for me.


One blue and one red for me, please!

next week i was told

Now that pieces reached , when we will have a code ?


If there’s still one black available – I would be interested.


in for red and blue


i want red and blue please.


In for one black
ktsl from blf.


I want one red and one black. thanks

I want one red and one blue. Thanks

#101 & #102

I want one blue and one red. Thank you

Yeah, die 100 sind voll – wann gehts los?


1 x black
Koaksijalac on BLF


Eine rote für mich, bitte. Stanley-Beamish


I’m in for one blue.


Hi Martin,
bitte 1 mal rot!
Martin 😉


Thanks, I’ll take one blue please


Hi Martin, I’m in for a black or red, BLF (Photon Diver)


In for 1 x blue, BLF (Saigon).

#18 is me and I am still good to go for a black one. Thanks.


Hi Martin,

Nostromo from BLF

I want to buy a black Ml7

Thanks for all!

Hi Martin, I’m still in for 1 blue Mi7. Thanks.


luckaffe00 red

posts have to be publised by me – otherwise a lot SPAM would appear 🙁

-> i do not read how many of which color you want?

Posting lag, Please edit multiple post. Thx

blf member flashination

Thanks for the great deal. I want one. blf-member flashination

Count me in.

one black in the list for you

I want to edit my previous post and I would like a black flashlight. Sorry for the trouble…

#91 😉

Hi Martin, selis from BLF. Thanks for great deal. I want one black


Hi Martin, selis from BLF. Thanks for great deal. I want one red.


I in for a black please


1 black

Contact me on blf , giorgoskok

I’m IndyArcher, Martin. #’s 23-28. Thanks again for taking this on. I know the amount of effort just went up exponentially due to the MAP issue. We appreciate you sorting this out for us.

Thanks for keeping this going, Martin. I’m sure you didn’t need the hassle, but I know it’s appreciated by many!

#’s 23-28 on the list

May I take 1 x red, please?
Many thanks!

Streamer #42 on list. In for one blue

Hi Martin. I’m BLF user Streamer #42 and in for one blue. THANKS !!

I see my name already on the list (#21) for a red one. Thanks.

I’m #62 and stillwould like one black.

Yeah Thanks Martin

No Agenda from BLF, on the list at 15.
Thanks for going through all the trouble for this!

you are already #40 in the list

Hi Martin,

Threadneedle here. I’d like a red one, please 🙂 Are they doing different tints? I’d go for NW if possible!

I’m still in #37 Martin.
1 blue as in the list

i am not online 24/7 😉

i added you with one red

Don´t know if my entry came through.. want one RED. Thanks!

no NW and no EU-warehouse i am afraid…

are you still in?

Thanks for the deal!

I´m in for one RED, if there is a choice neutral white.

Is it probably possible to get this shipped from EU warehouse too?


Still on the blue one! #9
Thank you!

nº 70 Trevi_lux
interested in one red!!

I’m still in.
#57 syracuse blue.

71 xGoofyx black.

#44 Bruno28 Black

#17 will34 here.

I will have 1 in black thanks

i added you

Hi Martin,

Corzy from BLF.

I’m in for;
1 Black
1 Red


Hello Martin
Martini from BLF cursing the MAP-hammer

Lucky # 13 on the list, let me know when you get the Code, Thank’s Martin !

Lucky #13 on the list, Thank’s Martin !

Martin, I want one in Black. Thanks for the great deal!

1 black in NW if possible


G’Day Martin, 😊

keengeorge from BLF. I am still in for 1 of Red, & 1 of Blue/Calypso Blue 😉

Thank you Very Much,

I am in for 1 black. Thank You 🙂

I’m number 14 on the list, let me know when we get the code, thanx.

Thank you m4d m4xl
number 47 for on red

Thank you m4d m4x!

I’m still interested of course!

FmC from BLF. Interested in the Mi7. #30 on the list. Cheers!

Hi I’m still in for 1 red

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