GT Mini groupbuy NEWS: diffusor + free flashlights + public sale

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Hello my dear friends!

I have some great news for you:

news #1: We found a nice diffusor to plug on the GT Mini :

it sells for JUST US$ 1.99 !! if purchased with the GT (click here for the ordering page)

all people who already placed their preorders can add a new order until monday morning (beijing time)
then it should be shipped with the GT Mini!

news #2: Lumintop wants to thank the GT Mini buyers and offered me some gifts to share:

5% of the placed orders will get a free flashlight (shipped by amazon)

for winners in the US, Canada and Mexico:  (click the pic)

for winners in europe: (click the pic)

the other countries will receive something similar 🙂


  • every 100 orders for GT Mini flashlights I can choose 5 winners
  • all orders placed before the actual shipping starts will participate [edited]
    40% of the prices will be drawn from the preorders (before July 17th)
    60% of the prices will be drawn from all orders
  • i will make a live video to draw and announce the winners
  • changes of the rules may occur anytime!

for excample:
634 total orders placed ~ 6×100 -> 5% = 30 gifts
468 preorders participate in the draw of the first 12 gifts (40%)
634 total orders participate in the draw of the next 18 gifts (60%)

news #3:  public sales start tuesday, July 17th

i will remove the password of the ordering page on tuesday allowing everyone to buy a Lumintop GT Mini.

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