GT mini news: latest user manual and cheat sheet – first user review (many pics!)

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Hello my dear friends!

The GT mini is near shipping (supposed to start next week)
the UserInterface got his last refinement which is flashed on all lights right now.

meanwhile you can read the latest documents :
GTmini user manual & NarsilM CheatSheet GTmini

important notice:

the driver is a FET+1 NOT a buck driver!

please keep in mind the free flashlights, that will be drawn on the orders placed before shipping starts!
read THIS POST for the details and rush to the order page 😉


BLF user steel_1024  made a first review of a production GT mini
(without accessories and NOT latest UI)

compared to the BLF GT

Drawer packaging

inner box

18350 adapter
I don’t know if there will be official shipments? Will there be spare parts, hand ropes, etc.

short (18350 tube)

he had to flash the latest UI by his own so the made a teardown 🙂

The circuit is FET+1 (7135), and the switch is on the circuit.

FET model

Positive electrode on the back of the circuit, thermoelectric separation copper substrate

Tail cap double spring

Tail cover rope hole



Rectangular thread

Body thickness

Side button, metal outer ring interference fit, do not dare to dismantle

Inside of the button

There is a green LED below the button


find the full review here 

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