Imalent MS12 & R90C update

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Hello my dear friends!

i am still ill (cold with terrible voice) which slows the full review down – but i was able to take a lumen guesstimate run

i used one half of my “sphere project” for a (hopefully) “better ceiling bounce test”
-> the height, angle and center displacement of several lights did affect the numbers with less than 5%

placing the luxmeter down to the edge of the sphere did overload the sensor when holding the MS12 in the measurement area
so i needed to lift it

i took 3 meassurements of a acebeam X45 Gen1 and a Rofis MR70 to get a correction factor for this setup

as result the Imalent R90C came up with 21000 Lumen and the MS12 with 50500 Lumen

this 3 pictures are made with fixed exposure JUST! to get an idea and compare brightness 😉

acebeam X45 (Gen1)

Imalent R90C

Imalent MS12

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