in the Quarry – some nightshots

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Hello my dear friends!

i was walking some light a few days ago and wanted to give you some impressions…

the location:  Google Earth WEB link (no install)

some dayshots:

upwards to the point where i was shooting

i was thinking that view is meaningful

a look from the opposite direction

the beamshots:

when i entered the quarry

the guys down there for sure wondered what happened that night 😉

the participants:

BLF GT – acebeam K70 – Imalent RT35 – acebeam K60 – Imalent RT70 – utorch UT02 – Lumintop ODF30 – Wuben TO46R – Emisar D1 and D4

control shot with Huawei P20 PRO – ISO500 – 1sec – F1,8


Emisar D4 XPL HI

Emisar D1 XPL HI

Wuben TO46R 3xXPG3

Lumintop ODF30 XHP70.2

Utorch UT02 XHP35 HI

Imalent RT70 XHP70.2

acebeam K60 XHP70

K60 vs RT70

Imalent RT35 XHP35 HI

acebeam K70 XHP35 HI

K70 vs RT35 (note the differet beam! uniform Spot on K70 “dual stage” on RT35)

last, but not least: BLF GT XHP35 HI NW

all together 😉

anybody out there?

i tried some videos as well, please excuse my bad english and the misspellings

please like and follow my videos / channel if you want me to do more of those
(and possibly make better videos)

most of the shown lights can be purchased with great discount – ask me 😉

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Oh no!, All those poor creatures, not able to sleep 😉
Thanks for this! Nice setting…

Please do some additional beamshots that also include
all those crazy new Imalent lights + the old DX80 and Acebeam X80 + BLF GT70

Thanks in advance! + Happy Birthday!

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Excellent comparison. Would love to see more comparisons of single 26650 edc lamps and 2 x 18650 lamps such as the Fenix TK35UE 2018
Thank you and keep it up!

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