Lii-100 for US$ 3.90 + Mod

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the great little

LiitoKala Lii-100

0.5A/1A Li-ion Ni-MH USB Battery Charger

is available for only US$ 3.90 at banggood atm

it is a USB-powered multi-chem-Charger with Powerbank feature


on google i stumbled once over an mod by hypertonie from a german forum.

he upgraded the charger with an small voltmeter

and so did i…  – now its also a cell-tester!


i bought the Voltmeterhere:!A

do not forget to adjust the potentiometer for accurate reading!!!


open the Lii-100, cut a rectangular hole and fit the voltmeter (2 drops of glue)





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Moje Lii-100. Dvojitý přepínač. Test aku a USB výstup.

Aku output

USB output

Test with a voltmeter


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