Lumintop GT mini available @banggood for US$ 39.50

veröffentlicht am 10. August 2018 in banggood, Coupons und Codes, EDC, flashlights von

Hello my friends! listed the

Lumintop BLF GT mini

XPL HI 1200LM Stepless Dimming Portable EDC 18650 LED Flashlight

use my code MMNTG to lower the price to US$ 39.50 ($49.50)

also available:

Lumintop Spare 18350 Body Tube

for BLF GT mini 18650 LED Flashlight Mini EDC Flashlight

use my code MSTUB to lower the price to US$ 4.00 ($5.00)

short tube (18350) vs long tube (18650

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Martin, I have been trying to order the blf lumintop mini 18 650 with the little white disperser thingy,🙂 I can’t remember what they’re called. Also I would love to get a moment RT 35.
The code I used on the BLF lumintop mini the code I used was mmntg . And for some reason it would not work on banggood, or the link that was provided by you. Can you also send me the code for the Imalent RT 35.
Also can you tell me what is hot right now? I have been away from home and away from flashlights sites for almost 6 weeks now. Then traveling seeing grandkids:-) if you could help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thank you sincerely Ron Atkinson

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Nice flashlight.
(Warm White version)
I will buy some more, once the price will be around 20.- $…
Hopefully soon!

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