Lumintop ODF30 – a first look

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Hello my friends!

In addition to the groupbuy i write a small review for this nice flashlight.. (work in progress)

lets start with looking:

the flashlight arrived in a nice cardboardbox

really nice size

compared to the well known “C8 Style” and the smalest 26650 flashlight i own, a DQG Tiny 3th

and beside its cell (not included)

a look into the frone unveils a Cree XHP70.2 LED, a OP reflector and a ARcoated lens holded by a flat bezel

a lot cooling fins and the rubber sideswitch (RED LED for undervoltage warning underneath)

on the tail end the lubed threads are square cut

and show a variant to the usual spring in the tailcap

Same construction in the head

therefore the light is picky with the cells…
66mm is too short (needed a 1mm neodym to contact)
70mm is too long (was dented a bit on the positive contact)

tube on the front end has regular threads

a picture of the included user manual

some white wall shots & power meassurements:
f/2.2 | 1/50sec | ISO 200 with Huawei P9
Amps measured with clamp meter and bench power supply @4,1V

OFF 0.002A parasitic drain (jumps to 0.001A)

ECO – 0.019 A

LOW – 0.2 A

MEDIUM – 0.745 A

HIGH – 2.45 A

TURBO – 7.45A

low voltage warning :
came on 3.0 V (red flashing LED underneath the switch)
light shuts OFF on 2.5 V (red LED continues flashing – but power consumtion is only 0.003 A)

conclusion so far:
+ i like the ODF30 for the size and simplicity – which reflects in a good, achievable price!
+ 3500 Lumens seem reasonable
+ nice alround beam
+ working LOW power safety
~ the red flashing LED can in theory suck the cell into death in some months
– picky on cell lenghts
– no USB charging (maybe in a later model)

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Hallo Martin,
gibt es die ODF30 in zwei Versionen? Deine hat die XHP70.2 verbaut, auf den Fotos bei BG ist jedoch eine XHP70 zu sehen. Ein Mitglied des TLF hat auch eine mit einer XHP70 bekommen, ich kenne allerdings die Bezugsquelle nicht.

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