Lumintop SD75

veröffentlicht am 29. March 2016 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

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Our SD75 maybe the brightest lights you have ever seen! It is a big guy which uses only one latest XPH70 LED but delivers max 4000 Lumens and the max shoot range is about 700 Meters which helps good searching in outdoors. Moreover, it is Rechargeable & Power bank function. What is more amazing, it comes in a nice metal case, with car charger and AC charger.
With strict quality-required machining and direct thermal path Copper MCPCB, the SD75 flashlight is the best choice for outdoors, hunting, camping, search or rescue. If you join a stimulating adventure activity, please don’t hesitate to choose this perfect flashlight.

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