Mini GT – a mini review

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Hello my dear friends!

I made some more pictures and try to collect data for you in thie post.
(since i only have a prototype any value can be changed!)

name:  MiniGT
LED:  Cree XP-L HI
Lumen:  1250 measured
Lux:  135kcd (145k meas)
 18650 (18350 with optional tube)
Driver:  tba
UI:  Narsil 1.2
 smooth, 43mm inner  diameter / 40mm depth
lens:  AR coated
Head diameter:  50mm
total length:  132 mm
manufacturer:  Lumintop
price:  US$ 39.95

draws 3.5A on max ramp / 4.5A on Turbo
measured 1250 Lumen (CB, compared with C8s @900Lm and D1 @1200 Lm)
measured 145000 cd (@3m compared to C8s / acebeam L16 / Imalent RT35 / Emisar D1)

aaand some pictures:


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