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Hello my friends!

maybe you already found the Post about about the new “shop” on my page where my good friend Neal offers his service and some items?

I added the link to the menubar above, so you can find his offers just with a click.

the acebeam section went from (under construcion) to (invite ONLY)
due to the MAP issues we cannot open that sale widely…

if you have ordered from Neal or me in the past and/or we know each other please send me a message or mail to get the access code 😉

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Hallo Martin,

könnte ich einen Zugangscode für Neals Deals bekommen?


Hi martin I’ve ordered several times from you and now i am interessted in the Acebeam sektion.
Can i have the access code?
Thanks in advance – stefan

Howdy Martin,

May I get the access code? I’ve ordered several times from you and would like to order Acebeam from Neal. Thanks!

Hallo Martin,

wie bekomme ich nach dem Zahlen (vor 11 Tagen geschehen) Informationen zum Status der Bestellung. Wenn per register mail verschickt wird, müsste ich ja wenigstens die Nummer bekommen haben, oder?

Can I get the access code I have ordered from Neal thanks Gio:

Hallo Martin,

könnte ich einen Zugangscode für Neals acebeam section bekommen?


Hey Neal,
Looking forward to more great deals, glad you are involved!

acebeam access

Hey I’ve bought from Neal and am on BLF. could I please get the PW for the Acebeam deals, thank you!

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