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my dear friends!

Neal has some problems with his PayPal account, so i deactivated his shop until everything is working again.

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I ordered the BLF GT on the 8th of February and sent also extra $25 the 27th of February for shipping. Is this still ongoing?

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Neal is a honest guy – i trust him 100%

i will send you a mail asap to collect the missed points and we will fix everything!

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Paid 3 weeks ago, asked a few times for progress by email and no answer. Should I contact abuse at paypal?

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Ich warte auch seit Dezember auf ne Lampe. Keine Infos und auch kaum Kontakt, das ist Scheisse. 🙁

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Hey, I ordered a Nitecore tini from Neal one month ago. I asked him a week ago via email whether he’s sent it already, but got no answer. Should I be worried?

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Neal is no good!

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