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Hello my dear friends!

i sent a link to a short survey to everyone who bought from Neal using my blog.

please check your email (maybe spamfolder) and help us grow better.

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What is the $2.00 Shipping Difference?

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I have 3 flashlights from Neal with a fourth on the way. I have also been a regular customer of HKEquipment which I understand he is associated with. I have never had a problem with any of the transactions and all have been delivered promptly to the UK. I am also impressed with the quality of the products he sells.

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Care to elaborate on what kind of “dishonesty” ?? maybe some misunderstanding ??

i have 1 purchase order with Neal and no problem at all tho recenly i emailed him for code and he did not reply not sure why

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Neal is dishonest.

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Had no issues ordering from Neal. Only ordered one flashlight but everything was ok.

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