new deals: Astrolux / Amutorch / nitecore and more!

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Hello my dear friends!

Lets start the week with some new deals:
(please use the links in the items name and pic to visit the shop)

Stainless Steel Bezel For Astrolux FT03 / Astrolux FT02

Astrolux FT02/03 Bezel
Code: MBG32 price: 7.49 US$ (presale)

Astrolux MF04 XHP35-HI CW/NW 2700LM Long Thower Flooding Flashlight
+ 4Pcs Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Unprotected Button Top 18650 Battery

Astolux MF04 CW + cells set OR Astrolux MF04 NW + cells set
price: 186.75 US$

Gray Convoy S2+ with SST20 LED

SST20 4000k 
Code: BGGS2  price: 11.99 US$

SST20 2700K / 5000K / 6500K 
Code: MCSST  price: 13.99 US$

XP-L HD 1100lm High Lumen USB Rechargeable 26650 Flashlight

Code:  MJM20
price: 22.- US$

Titanium / Black
XP-L HD 3600lm High Lumen USB Rechargeable 26650 Flashlight

Code:  MAMX9
price:  38.72 US$

Nitecore NU32
550LM XP-G3 S3 LED Headlamp Lightweight 330h Max Runtime IP67 Built In Rechargeable Battery USB Port

deal is available in my list! 

Four-Slot Flexible Power Bank & Battery Charger For Li-ion/IMR 18650

deal is available in my list! 

Multifunction AC/DC Current Mini Digital Clamp Amperemeter

Code:  MUT210E
price:  35.99 US$

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