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veröffentlicht am 27. June 2018 in Allgemein, EDC, flashlights von

Hello my dear friends!

we added some new lights on Neals Deals:


4x 219C 1200lm Titanium Alloy 18650 EDC Flashlight


AMUTORCH TWIN XPG Titanium US$ 29.99

2x XP-G3 1000lm Titanium Alloy 18650 EDC Flashlight

for both emitter types:

the head is made of Aluminium for enhanced heat management
other body parts and bezel are Titanium
clip is stainless steel
LEDs are mounted on a DTP board
Driver has three modes
tailswitch (clickie)
length: 100mm
max diameter: 28mm

also there is another addition for trusted members 😉

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