Odepro HEX62 Flashlight Review

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When Odepro approached me to propose a review, I have to admit I did not know the company. So, seeing the Odepro HEX62 was a complete surprise, as the light moves outside the realm of the ordinary and into the hexahedral.

The hexahedral shape is without question not going to roll off the table, but will the light be interesting enough to fly off the shelves? Let’s find out.


The Odepro HEX 62 came in a big black box covered with plastic for protection. A sticker on one side declared the brand and model and another on the other side the basic specs and company details.

Opening the box, we are presented with the light. The black anodization looks very nice and so does the metal button. There is an LED in front of the button and the light comes with a lanyard already attached, which seems to be of good quality.

The light features a relatively deep smooth reflector, so we should expect some decent throw for its size but also some rings and artefacts. There is a mechanical switch at the back and a rubber flap on the bottom side, which covers the micro USB charging port.

The Odepro HEX62 features springs on both sides of the battery that allow it to keep a good connection even through bumps and drops. The springs are not required to transfer high current in this light, but I would prefer it if thicker springs were used.

Under the foam which holds the light, there is the compartment with the accessories.

These are the warranty card and the manual. The light comes with a 30 day free replacement and a 2 year free repair warranty.

The provided charging cable is a USB A to micro USB and is 1m long.

The battery is a protected buttontop 18650, branded as Odepro and claims to be 3400mAh. It is shipped outside the light and in a plastic bag for safety.

The holster that comes with the Odepro HEX62 is of excellent quality. The flap is equipped with a big Velcro patch that keeps the holster closed quite securely. At the back there is a double belt loop, one fixed that would require unfastening your belt to loop it in and one fastened both by Velcro and a snap button. The light fits in the holster quite nicely.


The main features of the Odepro HEX62, as shown in the manufacturer’s website, are the following:

  • Cree XM-L2 U4 LED, maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, life of 50,000 hours Unique design patent: hexahedron
  • Built-in 1 3400mAh 18650 rechargeable battery, the longest battery life is 30 hours
  • Micro-USB charging with overcharge protection
  • Low battery reminder function
  • Emergency lighting function, the flashlight will automatically light up when the power is suddenly cut off during the charging process.
  • Net weight 119 grams (without battery)
  • High-efficiency constant current circuit with constant brightness
  • Anti-reverse design prevents battery damage against circuit damage
  • Tail tactical switch, light contact light or continuous light flashlight
  • Made of high-strength aviation grade aluminum AL-6061-T6
  • Surface military standard three-stage hard anodizing anti-wear treatment
  • Double-sided antireflection film tempered glass lens

The technical details as provided in the manufacturer’s website are in the following table:

Beam Distance170m
OutputHigh: 1000Lumens / 1.6h
Middle: 340Lumens / 4.5h
Low: 56Lumens / 30h
SOS: 1000Lumens
Impact Resistant1m
WaterproofIPX-8 (under water 2m)
Working voltage3 – 4.2V
Dimension26.5mm (head dia.) x 134mm (Length)
Net weight110g (including battery)

There is a discrepancy regarding the weight between the features list and the technical details table, found in the manufacturer’s website. The features list states the light weighs 119g without the battery while the technical details table says it weighs 110g including the battery. Unless the Odepro engineers managed to manufacture a battery with negative mass, which is a feat we would all be grateful for, at least one of the values must be wrong. Indeed, I measured 116g without the battery and 168g with it.

The throw is decent and the mode spacing well thought out and useful.

I am quite sceptical if the light can indeed live up to an IPX-8 waterproofness claim, as the charging port may, if not immediately certainly in time and with use, allow some water in, but it is definitely able to withstand heavy rain and splashes.

User Interface

The user interface of the Odepro HEX62 is quite simple.

The mechanical switch at the back turns the light on / off and a half press gives momentary on, at the memorized level. The metallic electronic switch will cycle through the 3 modes, low (56lm), medium (340lm) and high (1000lm). Holding the electronic switch for 2 seconds takes the light to SOS mode.

The Tint, the Beam and the Driver

The tint of the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED is neutral white and not too green. Here it is compared to some other lights.

From top to bottom we have the Odepro HEX62, the Jetbeam DM20, the Sunwayman V10R Ti+ modded with a Nichia 219b sw45k LED and the Jetbeam 2020 RRT01 modded with a Nichia 219b sw35 LED.

The Odepro HEX62 is warmer and less green than the DM20, but, of course, cooler and greener than the 219b LEDs.

What is very interesting to note, and also quite unfortunate, is that despite the claim for a constant current circuit, the driver is obviously using PWM to regulate the brightness on low mode, as shown by the banding in the picture.

Indeed, low and medium modes exhibit PWM while high mode does not.


The driver is also not regulated at all and despite the claims for constant brightness, the brightness actually decreased with battery voltage. The Odepro HEX62 did provide usable light for more than the stated 1.6 hours on high but after the 2 hour mark the light was too dim to be usable. Still, it kept going for more than 12 hours at that very low level, before the battery voltage protection kicked in. The light got fairly hot on high and reached a maximum of 47C in a 22C environment.

Here is the beam profile. There is a tight hotspot with a green corona and some decent, gradual spill.

And this is how the 3 modes look in the real world. The low mode is mainly usable indoors or in the car, to look at a map or in the glove compartment. The other two modes are quite usable indoors and outdoors.


This is a short video with the 3 modes.

And a short walk with the Odepro HEX62 on high mode.

Battery and Charging

The battery that comes with the Odepro HEX62 is a protected buttontop 18650, rated at 3400mAh. I actually measured 2961mAh. The voltage protection kicks in at 2.8V.

Capacity measurement
Protection voltage

The Odepro HEX62 charges via the micro USB cable provided, connected to the micro USB port protected by the rubber flap at the bottom of the light.

The indicator light goes green/red when power is connected to indicate it is ready for charging. Clicking the tail switch starts the charging and the indicator goes red. It turns green when the charging is complete.

Charging takes a little over 3.5 hours and the charging rate is 1A. The light consumed 14.9188Wh to charge the 12.6Wh battery. At the end of the charging cycle, the battery was at 4.23V.

Build Quality

The Odepro HEX62 is built like a tank. The machining and finish are excellent and the anodization flawless.

Whether one likes the bulky body and the hexahedral shape is a matter of taste, but it fits nicely in the hand and does not roll off the table.

Both the mechanical tail switch and the metallic electronic button are high quality and are not prone to accidental activation.

The fit and finish left no complaints and the only thing I would like to see improved is the use of thicker springs.

But the quality shows where people can’t usually look. So let’s take a look inside the light. The bezel is not glued and with some effort can be removed. The MCPCB is screwed in place and the LED is nicely centred, with no solder blobs around it. The cables are nicely soldered and the MCPCB is generally clean, except for a bit of uncleaned flux near the cable joints.

The MCPCB is thin but made of copper and the thermal paste used is high quality and not the generic white stuff.


The Odepro HEX62 is a well-built tank of a light, with a simple user interface. Its controversial shape has some practical advantages and some may like it, while others will not.

It comes with everything you need to use it right in the box and features some decent run times and useful modes.

The LED tint is not bad for an XM-L2, although not high CRI, and the smooth reflector provides a very useful mix of throw and flood.

The driver could be improved quite a bit, as it is unregulated and uses PWM in low and medium modes.

Here’s what I liked about the Odepro HEX62:

  • Build quality and finish
  • Flawless anodization
  • Simple interface with nicely spaced modes and SOS
  • Battery and charging port included
  • Quality switches
  • Springs on both sides of the battery
  • Very nice holster

Here’s what I did not like about the Odepro HEX62:

  • Thin springs
  • The battery measured as 2961mAh instead of the claimed 3400mAh
  • No strobe

Here is what I neither liked nor disliked about the Odepro HEX62:

  • Hexahedral shape
  • Bulky

The Odepro HEX62 was sent to me for free, directly by Odepro, to review. I was not paid for this review.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 3 votes.
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