PREview: Lumintop copper Tool AAA

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Hey my friends!


Abbie from Lumintop sent me a new Tool AAA for a review – and she added a surprise:

a vacuumized, silver bag together with a Tool AAA box


i ripped it open and… WOW!

a (PRE-release!) Tool AAA made of 100% uncoated copper!!



besides its aluminium, black annodized twin:

3 days later – already a bit less shiny, but more rosy-golden:

that looks nice also….


if someone gives it away (as a gift for example) i recommend to unpack and put the light into the box…

only 2 additional Orings are included (and the premounted  clip of course)


perfect laser engraving


since copper is a rather “soft” metal there are some scratches showing up fast – but a copper light have to look used…


with clip:


the (unfortunately very prominent)  black covered switch (great on a AAA light btw!) prevents tailstand.


OP reflector with good AR-coated lens


and here you see a gem in that gem: a nichia 219B LED


the battery tube can be reversed (without and advantage)


a look at the driver (which i did not pull) – remarkable: in all Tool AAA the negative is NOT connected with the metal of the head


but i disassembled the Tail switch….


when you put the light together again pay attention to the Oring (that its lubed…)


another look into the reflector shows the (not centered) nichia 219B

lets add a bit UV-light



some size comparisons:

Olight S1 (RCR123A) – Lumintop Tool AAA – Tool AAA copper – Manker Boney AAA – Acebeam L10 (AA)


LEGO time!


more UV fun…


both have GITD Orings behind the Glasslens


a bit UV added…

et vóila!



but what is so special about that nichia 219B ???

-> the high color rendering index! (CRI)

some pictures to give you a imagination of that: (i adjusted the brightness to nearly the same Lumens..)

as .gif


and all together.. (click into the pic for larger view)


the same 5 flashlights towasrd a wooden plank

Tool AAA XP-G2 – Tool AAA – nichia 219B – BLF A6 SE with Cree XP-L in 1A tint – 3D tint – 5A tint


indoor beamshots:

(Sony NEX-F3 @ ISO400 |  F5.0 | 1/50 sec )

Nichia 219B

Cree XP-G2


i was told that the new driver does not have PWM – and i can´t see any



  • the flashlight i got for this PREview is a engeneering sample – but close to the final version (which is expected soon!)
  • it is not 100% spoken if a nichia 219or a 219C will be used at release
  • the  CREE XP-G2 numbers and screenshots have been with the black tool – which should not be different to a copper light with same LED/driver
  • the packaging will be different too



technical data (from manufacturer)

1) Utilizes High CRI Nichia 219 LED or CREE XP-G2 (R5) LED with 50,000-hour lifetime
2) Output mode/Runtime:
CREE-Type: High: 110 lumens/30 Minutes, Mid: 32 lumens/10 hours, Low: 5 Lumens/60 hours
NICHIA-Type: High: 80 lumens/30 Minutes, Mid: 18 lumens/10 hours, Low: 3 Lumens/60 hours
3) 3 modes: Mid-Low-High; Two ways to change modes: press the clicky switch or tighten/loose the head
4) Runs on: 1 x AAA (NOT included)
5) Dimensions: Length: 3.2″ (81.5mm); Head Diameter: 0.57″ (14.5mm); Body Diameter: 0.57″(14.5mm); Weight: 1.06oz(30g) (excluding battery)
6) Max Beam Intensity and Distance
CREE-Type: 553cd, 47 meters
NICHIA-Type: 304cd, 32 meters
7) High-efficiency digitally regulated circuit to maintain a constant brightness as battery life diminishes
8) Solid billet ultra conductive pure copper construction with polish finish, and packed in vacuum package preserve polished finish
9) Glow in the Dark front O-ring around reflector
10) Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
11) Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission (99% light transmittance)
12) Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation
13) Multi-Function, clicky switch provides one-handed operation and easy access to all functions
14) High quality detachable stainless steel reversible clip makes it durable and keeps a firm grip on your pocket or hat
15) Impact resistance to 1.5 meters and waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters)


the User Interface

using the rear (rear clicky) switch you turn the flashlight ON

it always starts on MEDium (last mode memory within 1,5  seconds)

then there are two ways to operate the Tool AAA:

either tap the switch to toggle to LOW and HIGH (med-low-high…)

or losen and tighten the head to toggle the modes

lockout is possible by loosening the head 1/4 turn

NO disco modes (fortunately)


my numb3rs:

Tool AAA copper nichia 219BTool AAA Cree XP-G2
Low @Alkaline0,021 A1 Lm0,022 A2 Lm
Med @Alkaline0,17 A20 Lm0,175 A26 Lm
High @Alkaline1,0 A82 Lm1,0 A106 Lm
Low @NiMh0,026 A1 Lm0,027 A2 Lm
Med @NiMh0,200 A20 Lm0,210 A26 Lm
High @NiMh1,165 A82 Lm1,160 A106 Lm

my setup is not very accurate in absulute numbers  – but the lights / cells seem to be compareable and match the manufacterers data

since the Light is only certified for primary cells i did not try Lithium cells for this preview



my conclusion:

+ i like the looks of the copper very much!

(i will add some pictures in the future hoe the Patina / wear alters the looks…)

+ can be operated as twitsy also

+ nichia LED !!!!

new driver without noticeable PWM!

+ great build quality – nice knurling

+ clip is reversible – capmount is possible


~ the tailswitch ist quite hard to press, but that also prevents accidentially activation

~ you need at least two of them… – one two wear and one to preserve on the shelf

~ the clip is good – but the black kinda breaks the clean copper look


– no tailstand

no magnet cap instead the switch

– mode oder should be L-M-H (my personal preference)


last word:

i want a AA Version!!!



thanks for reading!
feel free to ask if you miss something…


thats what 15 days do to the looks of the light (i buffed the head up to show the difference)







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i already pushed some buttons for a AA Light in Ti 😉

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Hey that’s me up above this post, I seem to have made it full circle again, I get lost in this blog, Review site, well what ever it is called I like it, but I can never find the codes I’m interested in when they come in my email, probably saving me tons of money, However I have had a long running relationship with Rey now since that last post up there back in Feb, and he is a heck of a guy, he’s running a Tool Ti GB right now, but I have to say, that stuff about a patented switch IMHO is nothing more than clever marketing, the switch on the one I got from HKequipment for and insane amount of my stupid money is either defective or nothing more than a solid click on and off to change modes, not like you’d think of a solid click to turn on then maybe a feather lite tap to cycle through the modes, and the damn thing about that is that I did successfully tear that thing apart, a Ti Tool with it having been glued like you would not believe but I got it, and there is a small battery in the switch, but for what purpose I’ll probably never know, and why would I say that..??
Because HKequipment will not reply to my polite inquries, well I did make mention of my thoughts on the marketing part, but heck it only stands to reason, HK stands for Hong Kong by the way and they have now lowered their price on the Tool Ti a lot, I bought it because I’m insane and an addict, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help myself, so now I’m in for two more on Rey’s GB for the Tool Ti, Hum yep I think these things are just like dope I guess..
Also when you say “code by mail only” or something to that affect, is it coming to me in email..?
Thank you for the great Site.. Just love your reviews, OH YA, and agreed with you, When in my lifetime will they come out with a real Tool flashlight in the AA style, Maratac almost had it going on but crapped out for some reason..
Keep up the great work friend and thank you for the scattered codes I do find, love it.

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Just bumbled upon your blog here and it was a great review, loved it frankly as I’m sitting here with the ReyLight AAA Copper that was from the GB mentioned last year, I’m only a bit late.. Just bought the Tool Ti and the copper AAA again because the are so awesome and like you said you do need two, so many BLF people said they wished they had bought two, me to.. Thanks for the great work here, now off the read some more..

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Rey is a 100% trustfully source !

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A group buy of this copper AAA is going on, with a better UI. L-M-H 1-20-100%.
Same Nichia 219B. More details here:
Or email me at:

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