review: nitecore TM16 – part 1

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Hello my friends!

banggood sent me a nitecore TM16 – a Tiny Monster!

you can find the other glossy advertisement pictures in banggoods webshop¬†ūüėČ

the Specifications: (from the shop)

Product name:NITECORE TM16 4x CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight
Emitter BrandCREE
Emitter Type:XM-L2 U2
Material:Aerograde aluminum alloy
Total Emitters:4x
Special modes:Strobe/Location Beacon/SOS
Battery Configurations:4x 18650 batteries (not included)
Peak Beam Intensity:122,500cd
Switch Type:clicky
Switch Location:body side of the flashlight
Impact Resistant1.5 meters
Max Output:4000 lumens
Range:700 meters (max)
Lens:Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass
with anti-reflective coating
Carrying Strap:included
Waterproof:IPX-8 (two meters submersible)
Weight:506 g without battery
Size:182mm x 89mm x 53mm(length x head x body diameter)

· Features advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
· Dual-switch user interface ensures one-handed easy operation
· Features 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes
· High efficiency circuit board provides max runtime up to 520 hours
· Integrated power indicator light displays remaining battery power
· Power indicator’s secondary function displays battery voltage (accurate
to 0.1V)
· Direct access to ultra-low or turbo ensures flexibility and convenience
· Reverse polarity protection prevents damage from incorrectly inserted
· Stainless steel retaining ring protects the core components from
· Rear tripod connector brings extra funtionality
· Sturdy HAIII military grade hard-anodized
· Tail stand capability

but now to real life!

once again – i got a box

the light is very well secured (as all nitecore lights i got until now) – no need to be afraid traveling the long way from china

accessories are: a lanyard, 2 O-rings, warranty card and a chinese User manual

well…. what ??

fortunately i found the english manual at the manufacturers homepage

lets look on whats mentioned in the title Рthe light:

the tailcap has a thread for a tripod, and 3 lanyardholes

and the tailcap is the only part with knurling

the anodisation and letters are very good – i only found one little dent

the head has some medium deep cooling fins

the light has two switches behind a rubber boot

i do not know if its on purpose that its skewed – but i see no disadvantage…

since i write about the switches… the UI¬†is quite good!

  • a ON/OFF switch and a mode switch to toggle the 5 brightness levels from lower to higher modes with¬†last mode memory
  • i love the possibility starting with ultra-low or turbo when holding the ON/OFF or mode button from OFF regardless the memorized mode! (most nitecore lights work that way!)
  • to enter the disco modes hold the mode button when the light is ON to activate¬†Strobe¬†– another hold toggles beacon and SOS (hmmm – bacon)

additional features:

  • “standby” means that the power switch flashes blue once every 3 seconds (can be deactivated)
  • “lockout” means that a (accidentially) press of a switch does not turn on the light (which happened a few times during my test)
  • klicking the mode button in OFF gives 1 to 3 blue flashes – 1 means batteries are empty, 2 is below 50% and 3 above 50% Power
  • when the tailcap (and electrical connection on the batteries) is closed, the blue light flashes according to the cell voltage. at 4.2 Volt the blue power indicator will blink 4 times, followed by a one second pause and another 2 blinks for example

but back to the appearance


[x] check!

very clear AR-coated Lens?

[x] check!

the bright side:

the LEDs are not 100% centered

but i do not think thats a big problem here since the beam profile is not exactly circular ūüėČ

size comparison:

opening the battery tube shows a nicely lubed square cut thread

the tailcap has a PCB which closes the connection of the 4 batteries (i am quite sure in series…)

well made with doubled springs to lower the resistance (the bolts are just for correct positioning)

hint: the PCB is not screwed, but glued…

in the battery tube are stickers which show the polarity for each slot

BUT it may lead to confusion since (R)CR123 are not allowed!

at the driver side you see the double springs and a black plastic? foil which works as reverse polarity protection.

this prevents flat top batteries from working!

thats why i had to apply a solder blob on my Sony VTs

short batteries are a problem in general – i had to use 1mm magnets at the negative side of the cells to ensure propper function when shaking the light hard…

my Panasonic NCR18650B (near 70mm long) work perfect

at the End of part 1 i have a small gif to show mode spacing and beam profile

(ISO 200 / F5 / 1/4sec)

in the second part of the review i will try to open the light as far as possible to see whats inside and at least get rid of the reverse polarity protection thingie to make it work with all my cells!

i also try to find out how the Advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology works and how different cells perform.

and i will have some tables…

stay tuned!

Meanwhile you could send me a mail if you are interested in a really good offer for that light ūüėČ

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