Lumintop GT mini available @banggood for US$ 39.50

veröffentlicht am 10. August 2018 in banggood, Coupons und Codes, EDC, flashlights von

Hello my friends! listed the Lumintop BLF GT mini XPL HI 1200LM Stepless Dimming Portable EDC 18650 LED Flashlight use my code MMNTG to lower the price to US$ 39.50 ($49.50) also available: Lumintop Spare 18350 Body Tube for BLF GT mini 18650 LED Flashlight Mini EDC Flashlight use my code MSTUB to lower the price to US$ 4.00 ($5.00)

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GT mini news: latest user manual and cheat sheet – first user review (many pics!)

veröffentlicht am 19. July 2018 in EDC, flashlights von

Hello my dear friends! The GT mini is near shipping (supposed to start next week) the UserInterface got his last refinement which is flashed on all lights right now. meanwhile you can read the latest documents : GTmini user manual & NarsilM CheatSheet GTmini important notice: the driver is a FET+1 NOT a buck driver! please keep […]

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new old deals and a unbelievable offer

veröffentlicht am 25. June 2018 in Allgemein, banggood, Coupons und Codes, EDC, flashlights von

Hello my dear friends! available again: ThorFire S70S  only US$ 38.95 XHP70 3960LM 26650 6Mode Tactical Search LED Flashlight my code:  MS70S Lumintop IYP365  only US$ 17.00 Nichia 219C & XP-G3 R5 AAA Portable Pen Shape EDC LED Flashlight find the deal here Lumintop ODL20C   best deal around XHP35 2000Lumens 8Modes USB Rechargeable Brightness Tactical LED […]

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BLF GT + FREE cap for US$ 240.- @ Neals Deals

veröffentlicht am 5. June 2018 in Allgemein, EDC, flashlights von

Hello my dear friends! the BLF GT is now available via Neals Deals for only US$ 240.- to say thank you to our  customers we trow in A FREE CAP 😉 this extreme Flashlight (size, throw and WOW-factor) is the result of a near 2 year lob project on the (follow the link for some explanation, […]

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BLF GT – groupbuy stopped

veröffentlicht am 5. January 2018 in Allgemein von

Giggles – the mighty BLF GT Hello my friend! the BLF GT groupbuy has come to an end! but the public sale will start after all open orders are sent and as my members you will get a nice deal for sure 😉 WOW compared to a K70 compared to a K70

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BLF GT – last call!

veröffentlicht am 8. December 2017 in Allgemein, flashlights von

Hello my dear friends! Lumintop will soon close the deal! orders can be placed THIS WEEKEND – shipping should start mid next week if you want one or more you can jump on my list: Wird geladen… i also aded a 8pcs set of Samsung 35E cells (button tops aded by keepower!) for ONLY $40.50 […]

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BLF GT – a Monster thrower deal incoming!

veröffentlicht am 30. September 2017 in Allgemein von

Hi my friends! WOW – the prototype made me giggle a lot 😉 i like the “short” verssion (4 cells) unfortunately the first charge is sold out and there is even a waiting list for the second batch…. but i will get a “small” amount of lights from the second run for ~ USD 155 shipped […]

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BLF GT – a Monster thrower deal incoming!

veröffentlicht am 9. August 2017 in Allgemein von

Hi my friends! have you sen the BLF thread about the construction of a real MONSTER? find the original thread here (takes some time ;)) did i say its HUGE? 😉 and it thows quite nice i like the “short” verssion (4 cells) who has NO C8-sized light? atm the first prototypes are being reviewed […]

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