Imalent flash sale @ GB

veröffentlicht am 1. June 2017 in Allgemein, flashlights von

find the whole flashsale here model price($) expiry date IMALENT DN70 Flash Sale 57.99 2017.06.05 @15:00 UTC +8 IMALENT DT70 Flash Sale 148.99 2017.06.05 @15:00 UTC +8 IMALENT HR20 Flash Sale 24.99 2017.06.05 @15:00 UTC +8

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new deals…

veröffentlicht am 8. April 2017 in Allgemein, chargers, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

find 18 new deals in  A LOT of Codes and Promos and i have new deals for: ThorFire S70S XHP70 3960LM 26650 6Mode Tactical Search LED Flashlight   Convoy X3 XP-L HI LD-25 1100LM 4modes LED Flashlight 26650/18650/AA   Convoy S2 Ti XP-L HI 7135×8 V2-1A/U6-3A/U6-4B/U4-7A EDC LED Flashlight 18650   XANES KT XP-G3+UV 350LM […]

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Imalent DT70 deal

veröffentlicht am 1. March 2017 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

IMALENT DT70 only $159.99 $289.95 with discount code: MACDEAL 16000Lm Cree XHP70 OLED Dual-switch USB Rechargeable including 4 x 18650 Battery IMALENT DT70 LED Flashlight – Super Bright, Fits In Your Pocket ● Utilizes the latest CREE XHP70 LEDs , maximum output up to 16000Lm ● Built-in Micro USB charging interface, constant current / voltage […]

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todays new codes

veröffentlicht am 16. January 2017 in Coupons und Codes von

manufacturer model = my Link for you! Code price Klarus XT2C mail only nitecore HC60 NW mail only nitecore MH25GT mail only thorfire C8s upgrade ThorC8s $ 14.99 Astrolux MH10 7a332f $ 26.50 nitecore MH12 mail only Astrolux M02 mail only Imalent SA04 mail only Olight H1R NOVA mail only Fenix TK47 mail only Astrolux […]

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Imalent DT70 / DT35 / DN70 / DN35 new prices!

veröffentlicht am 16. January 2017 in Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

Hello my friends! second round negotiating brought great deals for that monsterous lights! for pricing info please send me a mail to m4dm4x @ aon . at 😉 IMALENT DT70 XHP70 16000LM Tactical USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight Package included: 1 X IMALENT DT70 XHP70 16000LM LED Flashlight 4 X 3000mAh 18650 batteries 2 X O-ring 1 […]

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new deals

veröffentlicht am 25. December 2016 in Coupons und Codes von

all deals are shared via mail only 😉 IMALENT DN35 XHP35 HI 2200LM 26650 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight   Lumintop ED25 XM-L2 620LM AA 6-mode Tactical Outdoor LED Flashlight   Jetbeam JET-UV 3535-UV-365nm EDC LED Flashlight 1xAAA

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IMALENT SA04 2016 – variable tint!

veröffentlicht am 29. October 2016 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes, flashlights von

IMALENT SA04 2016 Red Green Blue White Light 1000LM EDC LED Flashlight deal is mail only! Features: 1. Utilizes one XM-L and one XM-L L2  LED with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours 2. Backlit touch screen panel facilitates convenient and discreet andinfinite brightness adjustment. 3. Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness 4. […]

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review: imalent DM21 – new vs. old

veröffentlicht am 29. September 2015 in Allgemein, Reviews von

Hello my friends!   this review will be a little different…. because there are some great reviews already done – and i do not want to bother you with already published numbers and high quality pictures. manlens great video review (worth a look – i love his style) review by viperxp review by freeme   lets start […]

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new Codes

veröffentlicht am 11. February 2015 in Allgemein, Coupons und Codes von

Eoslamp VAN32 Code: VAN32  price: $ 31.99 NITECORE SRT3 mail me Sunwayman T40CS PLUS CREE MT-G2 mail me Imalent DD2R Code: 6207d6 Price: $  50,99 nitecore CU6 mail me ARCHON DH26 Code: ADH26 Price: $ 105.-

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