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Hello my friends!


There are a lot of great reviewers out there making beatiful pictures and great videos using their skills and/or professional equipment.

I do things sometimes a bit different – so I put some lights together to review them at once.

If my idea works you can find differtent plus and minus  of each light an get a clue what is important for you!

maybe one of the lights is your favorite, maybe none… but knowing what you don´t like will help you finding your perfect light!


I tried hard to keep it short(ish) – so i did not made a teardown as i usually do.

if you miss any info or want a special look (maybe also inside) ask me! i will try to make this review “responsive”.


Today i want to show you some “EDC” lights.

EDC means “every day carry”, things that are useful and worth enough having them with you all the time.


The Kinfire K1200S is what is NOT a EDC 😉

but a EDC can have a lot of shapes… one has it in his big trowsers pockets, one in the purse or even on the keyring.

Lets have a first look on the participants in order of size and unpack them:


Lumintop EDC21

the box

whats inside

the light, a holster, USB A-micro cable, spare O-rings, a rubber cap and a very nice made lanyard

in detail


XR30 from banggood

came in a bubble bag



Lumintop  SD20

the box

whats inside

the light, holster, O-ring and the same lanyard as shown above


E01 from banggood

came in a bag (well wrapped)


acebeam L10

the box

whats inside


Olight S10R Baton

the box

from the homepage

whats inside:

a lot…

the light, USB A-micro cable, charging dock, a lanyard and spare O-Rings


group foto

the flashlights with their power sources:

RCR123 – AA – AA – 18650-18650 – 18650


okay – lets have a closer look on each one…



Lumintop EDC21

the biggest one today..

but it has a feature which makes it a EDC: its a USB powerbank!

it charges your phone or other devices with 1 A max (can´t measure that) but i hooked up my 10.000 mAh Powerbank which draws up to 1,5 A and the tailcap got quite hot (too much for me) so i charged some phones and my GPS-watch …

the internal cell was drained to 2,85 Volts – seems save to me

carging then the light gave me 4,15 Volts – save again

all that magic happens in the tailcap – which is huge!

to make it work from behind the batterytube has 2 shells

with nice square cut threads…

and so are both polaritis in the tailcap…

tha button is flush with the head – and thats the biggest con for me

you need light to find that button… – got the problem ? 😉

its hard to feel it with the bare thumb – no way one does that wearing gloves

the XM-L2 U2 sits well centered in a soft orange peel reflector behind a AR coated glass


the UI:

to switch ON or OFF you have to hold the button half a second – easy if you can see where to press 😉

when the light is ON a short click toggles modes  (LOW-MID-HIGH)

fast doulbe click gives a strobe (HIGH)

it has mode memory (starts in the mode you switch off – but not in strobe)


my thoughts:

the Lumintop EDC21 is a good light. maybe a little big for a EDC, but the extra length comes from the charging/powerbank function of the tailcap. and i think its better having 2 cm more in the pocket than 2 devices!

the annodisation is on the slippery side – and the lack of a knurling doesnt make it better (a bit is on the tailcap to make opening easier)

perfect machining, and slightly lubed sealing ring give me a feeling of a solid product!

and its delivered in a nice box with lots of useful acessories…

but the button should be raised or made from rubber to feel it


XR30 from banggood

under a massive bezel it has a non coated lens

and the deep orange peel reflector with a XM-L2

it has a pre-mounted, nice looking paracord lanyard

the tailcap has a long unthreaded area

to take the double sealing rings to keep the light waterproof

ano is good, threads are square cut and well lubed

the head side has also 2 sealing rings and aditionally was kind of “glued”

the spring side of the driver shows a AMC7135 linear current regulator.

rated 350mA


the UI:

using the reverse clicky you switch ON

a soft half press toggles modes (HIGH-MID-LOW-Strobe-SOS)

another full press to OFF

no mode memory (after 10 sec) – starts in HIGH


my thoughts:

cheap, but feels like a much expensiver light!

well machined, nice fins, deep reflector

knurling is soft, but does the job

simple UI – good light!



Lumintop  SD20

ON/OFF symbol on the rubber switch

nice knurling

flat tailcap for stable tailstand – but i miss a magnet…

the ring to connect the lanyard or a keyring is free turning

hold in place by the lubed O-ring – also you see nice square cut threads

.. and a thin spring…

XM-L2 U2 in soft orange peel reflector wnd a AR coated lens

well soldered spring down in the battery tube…


the UI:

to switch ON or OFF you have to hold the button half a second

when the light is ON a short click toggles modes  (LOW-MID-HIGH)

fast doulbe click gives a strobe (HIGH)

it has mode memory (starts in the mode you switch off – but not in strobe)


my thoughts:

the Lumintop SD20 is nice. the annodisation is perfect as is the machining.

feels robust altough ist light

and its also delivered in a nice box with lots of useful acessories…

but i am afraid of accidentaly activation in the pocket due to the raised button

what is too less on the EDC21 is too much here…



E01 from banggood

made from stainless steel

that thing is heavy

XP-G2, orange peel, GITD O-ring no coating

they braided the tailcap!!

inside the head


the UI:

using the reverse clicky you switch ON

a soft half press toggles modes (LOW-MID-HIGH)

another full press to OFF

no mode memory (10 sec) – starts in LOW


my thoughts:

not very cheap, but feels heavy  and trustfully

no knurling – just polished, slippery stainless steel

very simple UI – i love lights without disco which start in low!


acebeam L10

soo tiny

XP-G R5, orange peel reflector, no coating

no bezel

the hole for the keyring or the lanyard

the light is slightly bigger than a AA

the negative contact is just a button – simple and good

the head has a ring of foam to prevent ratling of the battery

no spring needed


the UI:

this is a twisty – you just tighten the head to make contact on both ends of the battery

first ON gets you into a firefly mode

then open/close within 3 seconds to get to LOW – HIGH – Strobe

no mode memory (5 sec) – starts in firefly


my thoughts:

not very cheap for a “simple” light, but the quality is very good!

the knurling is good – not too agressive and not slippery

very simple UI – i like lights which start in low Mode!

(did i say that before?)

disco is there – but if you can count to three you can avoid it



Olight S10R Baton

biggest thing is the dock

it connects to a PC or phone charger with a USB out  (in is micro)

very nice: a USB port that also routes data through (tried with my mouse) or can be used for charging another device

in the perfect power button (nice klick, easy to find, small bezel to prevent accidentally activation)

there is a tiny window for low battery warning

XM-L2, AR coated lens and GITD O-ring above a smooth reflector

the comtacts in the tailcap are sligtliy deeper or risen…

hole for lanyard

the clip can be mounted both ways

i prefer the first one (lens looking into pocket) – so the clip gives nice guidance

tailcap with strong spring, square cut, lubed threads an sealing ring

powered by a RCR123 LiIon battery

reverse polarity protection?

yes – it sticks!


the UI:

this one is not as easy as the others…

lets start in “locked”… a short klick does nothing

holding 1 sec brings it up to moon mode (you can hold as long the battery lasts (168h) – nothing changes)

short klicks now switch it ON/OFF – the mode is remembered!

hold it when ON toggles LOW-MID-HIGH-LOW… moon cant be reached now

switch OFF – hold the button: after 1 sec moon comes and if still holding after another secong light goes OFF and is locked.

strobe can be reachen with fast doubleclick in ON


my thoughts:

not cheap but the quality is very good!

the knurling is okay – not slippery but with the clip grip is good enough

you have to get used to the UI but then its great!

disco is well hidden



if you are still reading…

here are some numbers:

S10R0,008 A0,017 A0,148 A0,985 A28 Lx490 Lx2.890 Lx
L100,006 A0,035 A1,495 A25 Lx1.230 Lx
E010,177 A0,650 A2,1 A105 Lx480 Lx1.470 Lx
SD200,030 A0,380 A2,57 A98 Lx1.810 Lx6.700 Lx
XR300,105 A0,575 A1,9 A490 Lx2.500 Lx8.800 Lx
EDC210,054 A0,390 A2,70 A360 Lx2.400 Lx10.900 Lx

measured with a HS1010A – 1m distance to lens / Amps with a DMM and short 4mm² wires


i will try to add beamshots ASAP

also some Codes for the reviewed lights will be available 😉


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