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My dear friends!

the Astrolux S42 flashlight was delivered with a sligtly too short battery tube (for 18350 cells)
using the lightwith cells longer than 34mm might cause damage to the cells if the tube is tightened too strong

the manufacturer is aware of the problem and will offer a solution ASAP

official announcement:

Hello Guys,

First of all, thank you very much for your support all the time, besides, on behalf of banggood, deeply apologize for the inconvenience to all of you.

About the problems of S42(link is external) you mentioned above, we advice you do as follow now:

1. The tube can only works only with unprotected flat top cells, please stop testing the s42 with 18350 or the 16340 with protection, Astrolux is testing and try to find out where the problem comes from.

2. We give solutions to solve this problem within 48 hours, the S42 is temporarily off sale now, we will try our best to perfect the after-sale problem.

3. If you already ordered one but have not shippied, please don’t worry, we will ship to you until the problems was sloved, send you a new S42 without any problems.

Really sorry for the trouble, we will do better in the future.Thank you for understanding!

Best Regards,

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Simply change the tailcap spring.

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i forward your post to them…

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Unfortunately to late… my Tensai battery is damaged…

Overall I am very disappointed with this torch. Delivered Nichia is cool white…?! USB cap is a crap. Disgusting beam pattern in comparison with the Manker E14. You cannot switch off the lamp from lowest stage and so on…

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I knew that was gonna happen!

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