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UPDATE 8.6.2016

i got a mail from the seller:

“People outside BLF had ordered more than 50pcs and the code now is available for you also now!

Please follow the buying instruction

Transfer the payment directly to PayPal account paypal@xtarlight.com
During the payment process create a message “Note” with the following:
BLF ID + Product + Quantity + Code
For example “leroycp + WK42*2+ XTAR1606”
And make sure to mark the detail shipping address if different from the default address of PayPal.

also we lowered the price for you again:

price of WP2H charger: US$ 14.99 shipped to US only

price of WK42 Sirius CR flashlight US$ 14.99 shipped to US only


Hello my friends!

Let’s start a group buy of XTAR products, but US ONLY:

item1: the Xtar WP2H charger (infolink to Xtarlight.com)



Professional Li-ion battery charger with three optional charge currents(0.25A、0.50A、1.0A)

Three optional charge voltages(3.2V、3.6V、3.8V). 

Charge two 10440/16340/14500/14650//17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/22650/25500/26650 – 3.0V/3.2V、3.6V/3.7V、3.8V Li-ion batteries.

Three-stage charging and 0V battery activation.

Low voltage, over-load and over heat protection.

LED indicators do real-time status indication.

Adopt high efficiency DC-DC circuit, lower the voltage and reduce energy loss.

Reverse-polarity and short circuit protection.

Soft start function and over discharged battery activation function.

USB output function(5V/1A).

test by HKJhttp://budgetlightforum.com/node/36674


This is a very good universal LiIon charger, it can handle most types and sizes of LiIon batteries.
The usb output is also good, but I am missing an overload protection.

€dit got this Info from the manufacturer:

XTAR have built Overload/short-circuit protection IC for the USB output, overload protection is around 3A (HKJ testet @2A)


item2: the XTAR’s WK42 Sirius CR flashlight (infolink to Xtarlight.com)

WK42 EDC Flashlight

XTAR WK42 EDC Flashlight


XTAR EDC flashlight WK42 Sirius CR
ANSI Illumination levels:   Turbo       High        Mid       Low    Strobe   Signal  SOS
CR123A  Batteries:            190        60Lm      30Lm    3Lm   190Lm    60Lm  60Lm
16340 Lithium Batteries:    300Lm  190Lm    30Lm    3Lm   300Lm  190Lm  90Lm
CR123ABatteries:                2.3h      6.0h        50h        200h     /               /           /
16340  Lithium Batteries:    70min   75min     10h        90h      /                /           /
Max Range :   CR123A Batteries:            65m
16340 lithium Batteries:   100m
Max Intensity:  CR123A Batteries:       1060cd
16340 lithium Batteries:  2500cd
Impact Resistance:  1.5m
Waterproof:   IPX8
Crust Materials: Anodized aircraft 6N01 aluminum alloy, type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Working Voltage: 0.9~4.2V
Battery: 1*CR123A/16340
Switch: Side clicky switch
Size: Φ23.0mm(Head dia)x Φ19.8mm(Body dia)xΦ21.0mm(Tail dia)x76.0mm(length)
Net Weight : 35g(Excluded batteries)
Additional Functions: Battery type recognition, Automatic shift down, over-discharge protection

review on BLF: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/31708

groupbuy “rules”

  • you can enter one or both lists
  • please post which item and which quantity of it you want to order
  • price of WP2H charger: US$ 15.99 shipped to US only 
  • price of WK42 Sirius CR flashlight US$ 15.99 shipped to US only
  • when 50 participants are on the list the code for that item will be sent via PM with the buying instructions
  • i then will send the code directly after that point after requested here
  • (i will proceed updating the list to give an idea of falling stock)
  • getting a code DOES NOT mean you get a light – if you wait too long they might be sold out
  • the groupbuy ends on June 20th, 2016 or if a item is out of stock
  • please be fair and order only the amount you told us here until June 18th – then empty their warehouse 😉


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